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Client: Urban Development + Partners
Contractor: Market One Builders
Completion: Estimated Early 2024


This project in downtown Sacramento is a 51-unit market-rate, four-story apartment building with lofted studios and one-bedroom units, as well as single-level ground floor studio units. The seventy-foot-tall building stretches the limits of what can be done in Type V construction. The floor plan features a double-loaded interior corridor that allows for an efficient layout of units that face north, towards the State Capitol and Downtown Sacramento, or South, overlooking the R Street Corridor. The upper units each have a large, covered balcony, and the ground floor units have patios. The salvaged portions of an existing structural brick building form a fence around the surface vehicular parking lot. The building’s façade along Q Street is comprised of wood veneer phenolic paneling, a tribute to the large existing street trees, and is slightly angled in plan to provide a dynamic view along Q Street. The south side of the building has projections to provide sun shading, and has a cement plaster exterior, allowing for a full-height mural to define the building’s entry and identity as viewed from

R Street.

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