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Clients: Pacific Housing, Inc.
Contractor: Cuttle Construction
Completion: 2014
Photos: Vision Launchers

Located on a two acre site along the R Street light rail corridor in Midtown Sacramento, this new single-family home community is oriented to take full advantage of solar power. These energy efficient homes generate and store electricity with a unique battery storage system. The design is a result of several meetings with neighbors to build consensus, responds to the challenge of relating to the context of the traditional homes in the neighborhood and also the pace and industrial nature of the R Street corridor. This has been achieved with careful attention to detailing, materiality, and proportion of architectural elements based on the location of each home within the site. Although in close proximity to neighboring homes, thoughtfully placed windows, balconies, and varied articulation of the façade give a sense of individuality and privacy for each home in relationship to the design of the urban community as a whole.

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