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We strive to create architecture that delights the senses - designs that thoughtfully integrate form, space, and light, fit gracefully in their context, and are simple and elegant responses to program elements.


Everyone benefits from healthy and efficient places to live, work, and play, which is our motivation for seeking creative and sustainable design solutions for projects within any budget and scale.



This is your project. We are committed to a design process that is collaborative, responsive, and ultimately about you realizing your vision.

ELLIS ARCHITECTS is woman-owned full-service Architectural Design firm in Sacramento, California founded in 2007. With a team of talented professionals, Ellis Architects provides clients a customized, personalized, and creative approach from experience in a diverse range of project types and sizes. 

Services Ellis Architects provides:

- Architectural, Programming, Design and Master Planning

- Interior Design, including FF&E

- Documentation of Existing Conditions

- Matterport 3D Imagery and Data

- Project Planning and Entitlement Processing

- Building Code Compliance Analysis and Design

- Project Management and Contract Administration

- Building Information Modelling (BIM) Management

- Three dimensional renderings and visualizations

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