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Contractor: Figone Construction
Photos: Kat Alves Photography

This 6,000 square foot home was designed to maximize the connection with the backyard while also respecting a large front yard setback from the street. The primary living area is vaulted with clerestory windows to provide natural light that is buffered by large roof overhangs. A large telescoping door allows for a flush transition from inside to outside. The stone along the street façade is also carried through to the interior on a perpendicular axis, connecting the front entry with the large outdoor living room at the back. The dining room projects out of the stone façade and provides large windows to the street. The second story volume is located on the north side of the lot so as not to shade the backyard and pool. The contemporary style is emphasized by the mix of materials – stone, cedar wood, smooth plaster, painted fiber cement siding, and aluminum clad wood windows.

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